How many young footballer could play professionally?

Young footballer development process requires 10 to 12 years of work. During this period in the Brainballab Football Academy, the child goes through 4 training cycles of 3 years, each of which is characterized by its own objectives and levels to be achieved, during which the attention passes from player, to team, in gradual and physiological way.

Over the years, each child is profiled to identify which are his / her prevailing skills (innate talent) and those in which he is lacking but which can be improved with training. Child’s attitudes are analyzed, studied and adapted to the needs of the game model: Each child is given a precise tactical placing. This tactical position must evolve and change over time.

In each 3-year training cycle, annually 100% of athletes increase their relative score, and 9 every 10 children progress to a higher level of competence than the previous year, jumping at least one level higher than that previous one. After each 3-year training cycle, 30% of children reach the ELITE level of competence for that specific age group.

At the end of 12 years of training, these rates can be maintained or improved; according to our current data, 30 children every 100 will have all the credentials to play football professionally. We prefer to fly low and safe, and say: at least 2 every 10 will make it.


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